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• Services

All of our websites are all custom made, to your requirements and objectives. Our basic website program includes;
  • Domain name strategy and registration
  • Development of your "look", site navigation and page layout
  • Preparation of client photos and graphics
  • Image creation and file optimization
  • Copy editing and/or creation as required
  • Search engine optimization and submission
  • Site management and after launch support
  • Web site hosting at affordable prices

• Premium Services

When your site needs additional functionality, and interactivity we also offer;

  • E-commerce shopping cart/catalog solutions
  • Portfolio, photo albums and presentations
  • Content Management Systems
  • Flash Animation
  • Database Design
  • Email - newsletter services including template design and delivery
  • Polls and Surveys - even in newsletters!

• Pricing - What Does it Cost?

I'm asked the question, "How much does a website cost?" That's a tough question to answer considering all of the potential variations in design, hosting and promotion. Consider this analogy. You wouldn't ask how much a typical car costs without providing additional information. The make, model, features and accessories all contribute to the price of the car. This I can tell you. I charge $135.00 an hour. I've designed business card/resume websites for as little as $150.00, and sites for $50,000. I've heard of websites costing millions. The Wall Street Journal recently spent 28 million dollars on their website redesign (read story).

• Pricing - It Depends

Here are some variables that will ultimately determine what a website will cost. Your host, where your physical site is stored, will have various plans. There are economy plans that have very few bells and whistles (# of e-mail accounts, server side programming, bandwidth) to platinum accounts that might include e-commerce features. The actual website will need graphics and content - the written word. Then there is "rich media" like flash animation and video. Will your site need a database? or special display techniques? How about copywriting? I've teamed up with some of the industries best writers. Up front planning based on your needs and budget are required.

What are your expectations? What would a reasonable return on an investment be? Websites have their advantages and disadvantages. Available 24/7, a well designed website can serve your visitor even while you are on vacation. But because you aren't there in person, you can't answer questions. Website design is a process that has strategies.

• Pricing - Some Basics

First off, you'll need a Domain Name. That will run about $8.00 to $12.00 depending on who you register with. You can register thru my hosting service.

Second, you'll need a host for your website, that typically runs in the neighborhood of $65.00 a year. There are less expensive hosts but sometime you get what you pay for. I also provide hosting at competive rates.

Third, I will design a custom website template based upon your input. The more I know about you and your business the better. This template and the research required for your industry runs about $500.00. From this point on, it is the individual requirements of each customer, and their goals, that determines what the final cost of their web site will be.

Having said that, a typical 5 page website runs about $1500.00 - and that includes some nice bells and whistles.

Take the first step and fill out the Request Quote form. If you are local, our first meeting can be at a local Starbucks, and it is FREE!. Call today - 203 846 8594.

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